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Mechanical Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance – Heat Pump Maintenance – Air Conditioner Maintenance

Don’t let a year go by without an annual safety and performance check-up!

Regular maintenance of your equipment is important to insure long term equipment reliability.

When you call on us to perform maintenance on your gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner, we will  perform the following checklist items that pertain to your system each time we service your heating and cooling equipment:

  • Check all electrical connection
  • Inspect heating elements
  • Check amperage to compressor & motors
  • Inspect & clean burners
  • Check & clean evaporator & condenser coils
  • Lubricate motors & moving parts
  • Treat condensate pan
  • Inspect, clean or replace air filters
  • Check belt condition & tension
  • Check & calibrate thermostat(s)
  • Check blower motor & squirrel cage
  • Check all safety & limit controls
  • Check refrigerant charge levels
  • Inspect gas lines
  • Check ignition controls
  • Check & adjust gas pressure

You may want to consider a whole house air cleaner to maximize your energy efficiency.

A regular maintenance check will often detect and prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem, so don’t wait.  Call us today and we’ll conduct a safety and performance check on your heating and cooling equipment. 503-626-7477. 

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