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Looking to install or replace your air conditioner? Bruton Comfort Control offers high-performance, energy-efficient models that provide optimal comfort and utility savings or economy models. Whether you need central air conditioning or a single room air conditioner, you can count on us to set you up with the right solution. Proven products from reliable AC manufacturers and exceptional workmanship guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

There are so many different types of air conditioners available today. Determining which one is best for your home goes beyond simply selecting the AC unit with the most advanced functions or lowest price. A Bruton technician will come by to determine your exact requirements and make suitable recommendations.

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Central Air Conditioning or Single Room Air Conditioner?

This can be a difficult choice. The answer depends on what your cooling requirements based on the size of your home and other considerations like your budget. Here are some of the basic differences between the two.

Central AC vs. Ductless AC

  • Heating capacity: As the term suggests, a central air conditioning system cools your entire house and typically works in conjunction with your furnace, while a single room AC unit is designed for individual rooms. Ductless air conditioners are usually available as wall or cassette ceiling units, and works well for single rooms.
  • Sizing: While proper sizing is important to the efficiency of both cooling appliances, it is even more critical for room air conditioners. Opting for too big or too small a size will impact comfort levels as well as your energy bills. A model that is too small for instance, results in an unnecessary (and uncomfortable) build-up of humidity and wastes energy.
  • Energy consumption: Having individual units often decrease energy consumption, whether or not you should install one ultimately depends on what your cooling requirements are. There are more efficient cooling solutions such as ductless heat pumps which both cool and heat your home and have individual controls for different rooms (or zones). Additionally, ductless systems do not require duct work, so you do not need to be concerned with the condition of the ducts in your home.

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Customized Air Conditioning Solutions Bringing Comfort to Your Home

Bruton’s air-conditioning solutions are designed for your comfort, budget and lifestyle. Our technicians are committed to treating you with the utmost care and providing you with top quality service. Whatever the size of your home, we have the right air conditioner for you. You don’t have to stress about whether a central AC or ductless air conditioning is the correct solution. That’s our job to help you choose correctly. For over 27 years, home owners in Portland, Oregon have relied on us to bring comfort to their homes.

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